API Docs

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Get to know auto_scale_schedule_add

Overview: Adds a new auto scale schedule to a user's account.

auto_scale_schedule_add expects the following parameters:

  • name – The name/label you want to use for the auto scale schedule.
  • schedule – The list of days and times to specify sizes for your auto scale profile be.
    • day - Specified day of the week.
    • start - Starting hour for specified day.
    • end - Ending hour for specified day.
    • size - Specified number of VMs to be active during time window.

NOTE: This function returns the id of the new auto scale schedule.


$schedule_final = array(
	'sunday'=>array('start'=>9, 'end' =>11, 'size' => 10),
	'tuesday'=>array('start'=>15, 'end' =>18, 'size' => 9),
	'wednesday'=>array('start'=>12, 'end' =>22, 'size' => 3),

$params = array('schedule'=>$schedule_final, 'name' => "MySchedule");

$api->call('cloud.auto_scale_schedule_add', $params);


[result] => 10