API Docs

Get to know auto_scale_schedule_get

Overview: Gets an existing auto scale schedule.

auto_scale_schedule_get expects the following parameters:

  • auto_scale_schedule_id *optional*– The unique ID for the auto scale schedule.
  • vm_id *optional*– The unique ID for a VM. If the VM is part of an auto scale schedule, the schedule containing the VM will be returned.

NOTE: Only one parameter can be sent with the function.


$params = array(
	'auto_scale_schedule_id' => 10

$api->call('cloud.auto_scale_schedule_get', $params);


    [result] => Array
            [id] => 10
            [name] => MySchedule
            [schedule] => {"sunday":{"start":"12","end":"18","size":"9"},"tuesday":{"start":"15","end":"18","size":"9"},"wednesday":{"start":"12","end":"18","size":"9"}}