API Docs

This functionality of the Ubiquity API has been disabled. Looking for information on this transition to LeaseWeb? Click here for answers to FAQs and here for information on the LeaseWeb customer portal. Click here for information about the Leaseweb API.

Get to know create

Overview: Queues a new Ubiquity Cloud VM to be built. The new VM will be associated with your client account once created and your welcome information will be emailed to the email associated with your account. A new VM for your account and will not be created until the returned invoice is paid via Ubiquity Motion or billing.pay_invoice.

create expects the following parameters:

  • hostname *optional* – The hostname/label you want to use for the VM. If not set, the default %service_id%.ubiquityhosting.com will be used.
  • image_id – The ID of the operating system template the VM will spawn from. (Use cloud.list_images for valid image options)
  • flavor_id – The ID of the flavor or plan you’re wanting to use for this VM. (Use cloud.list_flavors for valid flavor options)
  • zone_id – The ID of the zone you’re wanting to use for this VM. (Use cloud.list_zones for valid zone options)
  • key_id *optional* - The ID of the SSH key you’re wanting to use for this VM. (Use cloud.list_keys for valid key options)
  • userdata *optional* - Custom user data for the initialization of this VM. If not set, the default user data for the selected flavor will be used (for experienced users only).


$params = array(
	'hostname' => 'new_vm.ubiquityhosting.com',
	'zone_id' => 1,
	'image_id' => 1,
	'flavor_id' => 1,
        'key_id' => 1,
        'userdata' => 'This user data will not work - do not use!!!'
$api->call('cloud.create', $params);


    [invoice_id] => 891532
    [service_id] => 64503
    [balance] => 0.00
    [order_id] => 30